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books, seasonal pieces, the fireplace, photographs old and new, faces, video stories, the hook, water, the wall of greenery. The library is a concentration of history, an element that was deliberately recreated from our headquarters on Lake Maggiore in every showroom and shop. A bastion of hospitality, essential for Herno, it is a reality of family, belonging, of tradition and character. Across the world, these bookshelves offer a glimpse of a story that began in 1948.


What do I do when I come back from a long trip? I walk past the lake, take a deep breath and then go into the factory, with my suitcase still in my hand, even if it's a bank holiday, even if no one's there. Two essential rituals.

Claudio Marenzi

The sense of responsibility in the Herno firm has also manifested itself in care for the surroundings. For Claudio Marenzi, Lake Maggiore is like a zen garden: it calms him down, recreating an inner feeling of tranquillity. And as a sporting man, the lake also represents a space for physical well-being and play: swimming and sailing - his passion - as well as making circles in the water with rocks, which takes him back to childhood, or the rare pleasure of lakeside contemplation - that step away from boredom which makes brainwaves flow. It is here, and nearby on the banks of the River Erno that Claudio Marenzi felt at ease in life and then with work. And he is developing a symbiotic relationship with the land, which he has learned to respect, and a love of those who live there. An awareness that he doesn't forget even when he chooses other production sites for Herno: because protecting an area means preserving a memory and the feelings of those who live in it. And as far as Claudio Marenzi's ethics are concerned, this one is as vital as water.