"A scientific and industrial approach to sustainability is the best way to facilitate the preservation of all the peculiarities of our textile and fashion industry, which is one of the largest in the West.
The aim of this important, strategic yet delicate project is to implement, through research and development, innovative quality standards, protecting both end consumers, who should be aware of the quality, and the manufacturing industries.
The textile and fashion industry cannot profit without long-term investments in technology and, at the same time, there cannot be innovation without the fulfilment of quality standards.”

Claudio Marenzi


A 20 denier nylon that is eliminated from the planet
in just 5 years unlike other fibres which take 50 years to decompose.


Product Environmental Footprint is a methodology that measures the environmental impact
of a product throughout its life cycle: from production of the thread to the creation of the final garment.


Made with the New Life polymer, created by transforming post-consumer
plastic bottles into recycled polyester threads of high quality.


100% recycled nylon, which comes from the waste of nylon yarns
transformed without chemical treatments in a recycled yarn.