Choose Herno Globe

Make your first step towards sustainability with us

At Herno, we believe that sustainability is a project
of crucial transformation for the fashion industry, too.

We believe it is an opportunity for cultural development and education,
sensitivity and mindful decisions, both as a company and an individual.
Our Herno Globe label jackets represent and encompass
a process of change already present within Herno
as a vital part of a system framework,
with objectives and common values, which will have tangible
consequences for our planet in the years to come.

Herno Globe represents a
further commitment of the brand in defence of the environment.

Herno Globe is our further step but:
Our Headquarter is completely energy self-sufficient
We avoid plastic from everyday usage in all our company,
We cover the Lesa facade with natural green to be in harmony with the beauty of the lake
and have a self-controlled temperature in our offices impacting less in term of pollution.


is 100% regenerated nylon made of
nylon waste coming from oceans and landfills.


is produced from a mix of post consumer waste materials that are
processed to obtain a regenerated fibre


is a 20 denier nylon that is eliminated from the planet in just 5 years unlike other
fibres which take 50 years to decompose


is made of recycled nylon and dyed with an
environmentally friendly technology.